CD - Friday the Fourteenth

Ode (1,38")
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Ode (1,38")
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Presenting this second CD is joyful moment, this time not only played with my ten fingers, as on Talking Trees. Taking as a starting point the compositions, this recording does not depart from one group. I choose two handful of musicians to paint the music in bright colours, arranging every number with a specific instrumentation.

With the intention of giving the music a distinct rhythmical energy, I wanted to enlarge the rhythm-section with Tabla. The tabla consist of two tuned drums covered with skin ans played with the fingers Of both hands, giving many subtle nuances in sound. Talking to Sandip Bhattacharya, after hearing him play tabla at a Jazzconcert, he was immediately enthusiastic for this idea.

Sandip, born in Benares (India), is a master of Indian classical music, where the presence of improvisation is of central importance. Music, being an universal language, has inspired Sandip to combine feelings and cultures.

Distribution: Timbre Records